Our Impact

Our advocacy work and the impact we've had so far

Our Impact So Far

Advocacy work

We seek to build effective relationships with those who have the power to help us create change for future generations

In Sri Lanka, we have built a strong relationship with the Children’s Services Department in the Southern Province to support our work on deinstitutionalisation. At the forefront of the deinstitutionalisation agenda in Sri Lanka, conducting research driving the process forward and working with our partners, both in the UK and on the ground.

Working towards a collaboration with Children’s Emergency Relief International (CERI), HelpKids Sri Lanka and Substitute Families for Abandoned Children (SFAC) to form a knowledge sharing platform, disseminating key information on care reform across Sri Lanka.

Working with Universities to promote the concept of ‘Ethical Volunteering’ through workshops and seminars.

Working with academics at the Institute for Asia and Pacific at the University of Nottingham in promoting human rights and justice for human security.

Promotion of the rights of children in Nepal and working with partners to prevent child trafficking.

Participation in the rights of the child summer school at the University of Nottingham’s Law School.

Rosie May’s Mum and charity founder, Mary Storrie, at the University of Nottingham.