Sponsor a Child

Help give a child the future they deserve!

It’s a fact that, without education, it is impossible to break the cycle of poverty.

Sponsoring a child is not only rewarding for you as a sponsor but helps you to play your part in the fight against poverty through education and empowerment.

Commonly asked questions…


What does it cost? 

For just £25 a month you can sponsor a girl in Sri Lanka or Nepal, giving them an education and helping them achieve their full potential.

How much of my donation goes to my sponsored girl?

100% of your sponsorship goes directly to your sponsored girl.

What does my sponsorship provide?

Education/books, Clothing/School uniform, Transport to School, Additional activities – IT/English/Sport/Dance/Counselling. Health Education/Career guidance.

Why is my sponsorship so important?

Your sponsorship is crucial in unlocking the potential of girls to give them the best start in life and a chance to compete with children from more privileged backgrounds.
Your sponsorship provides access to a quality education for these inspirational girls and young women who are 3 –18 years of age.
Your sponsorship gives the opportunity to develop English and IT skills which will open doors for employment and higher education in your sponsored girl’s own country.

What happens when my sponsored girl reaches 18 years?

Depending on circumstances, you may be able to continue your sponsorship to help your sponsored girl go onto vocational training or higher education. This is encouraged as we aim to continue support until your sponsored girl achieves independence.

What do I receive as a sponsor?

Annual photographs of your sponsored child.
Annual record of progress.
Rosie May News.

Interested in helping?

Lakmini’s Story

Lakmini is now 4 years old. She is a bright little girl with an infectious smile. Lakmini has just started pre-school. She is too young to understand that if it were not for Project Hope she would now be in an orphanage. Lakmini would have no one to love her and be denied the right to grow up together with her family.

Lakmini’s mum turned to Project Hope because she knew that to give up her children would have broken her heart, and condemned her children to a world without a mother’s love.

Lakmini and her baby brother know the love of a family. What they don’t know is that without that love, they would not have the future they deserve.