Rosie the Little Pink Tuk Tuk gives back

The Rosie May Foundation are putting Rosie the Little Pink Tuk Tuk to good use in the local community of Nottingham by offering a free delivery service to help ease the burden of other charities and small businesses who may be overwhelmed with current demand and help to reach vulnerable people more quickly.

The Rosie May Foundation was set up by Graham and Mary Storrie in memory of their daughter, Rosie May Storrie who was tragically murdered in 2003. Since then it has grown into an international children’s charity supporting thousands of children and families in countries including Sri Lanka and Nepal.

The charity is training volunteer drivers to deliver essential items to vulnerable, self- isolating people, NHS and key workers in local communities. Pre-paid deliveries will be dropped on the doorstep with no contact or exchange of cash to adhere to government guidelines of social distancing.

Rosie the Little Pink Tuk Tuk is usually busy at fundraising events, but because of Covid-19 all events have been cancelled. To show their gratitude for the support the local community has given the Rosie May Foundation over the years, this is an opportunity to give back. It is hoped this service can be continued, going forward, for the community.

Mary Storrie, Co-Founder and mum of Rosie May said: “Offering Rosie the Little Pink Tuk Tuk is something we can do to help our local community during this global crisis. We are grateful for the support we have received over the years and this is a perfect way for us to give something back. Rosie the Little Pink Tuk Tuk brings a smile to people wherever she goes and whilst she is helping in our community we hope that she can spread a little bit of joy in these challenging times”

The service will be supported by volunteers. Phil Drabble is a local resident in Bingham, Nottingham who volunteered his services and as a tuk tuk driver is training the other volunteers

Phil said: “I am a school improvement adviser working in schools in Nottinghamshire and Leicester. This work has now inevitably dried up putting me in a position to devote my time to supporting people within my local community of Bingham. There is a very strong sense of community spirit in Bingham with lots of volunteers wanting to help out their neighbours. It is good to part of it’.