The View From The Front Line

We 💜 this clever illustration which represents our pink tuk tuks working both in the U.K. and in Sri Lanka. Read our article ‘The view from the front line’ about how we flexed to survive the pandemic

‘In 2019, the London Marathon raised £66.4m for charities; Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day, £63.5m; and Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, £27.5m. In 2020, those numbers had dropped to £16.1m, £52m (2021) and £10m respectively – a direct result of the pandemic’s devastating effect on event fundraising, for many charities is the single most important source of income.

Add to this the up, down, turn around of lockdowns, of having to close shops, furlough staff, move fundraising events online – all while seeing an increase in demand for some of the services they provide – and you can understand why, by June 2020, one in 10 charities doubted that they’d make to the end of the year’.
Thank you ICAEW and writer @xeniataliotis for your insightful article and raising awareness of our plight.