Spotlight on Our Volunteers

Spotlight on Our Volunteers

 At Rosie May Foundation, we couldn’t do the work we do without the help of all of our wonderful in-office volunteers.

Our volunteers contribute to the smooth running of our Rosie May Office in Bingham, Nottinghamshire, where all fundraising for the charity is coordinated. This is integral to ensuring that our grassroots projects, such as Project Hope, can fulfil their potential and run sustainably.

Our volunteers help us with a number of roles in the office, including researching funding opportunities, supporting us with events, networking with local businesses and organising our Rosie May pop-up shop!

Our volunteers often offer their advice and own expertise from a previous field of work. We are truly lucky to have such dedicated, eager and kind volunteers who are always willing to contribute more than is asked!

We interviewed a couple of our volunteers to find out what they enjoy about giving their time at the Rosie May Foundation.

1. What is your name and background?
My name is Christine Stanley and for 33 years I was a secondary school teacher of PE and Pastoral head.
My name is Sue and I taught at a primary school for around 30 years and also taught English as a foreign language in Tanzania for a while

2. Why did you become a volunteer with the Rosie May Foundation?
Christine: I have helped to raise in excess of £10,000 through charity events at the Minster School in Southwell, Nottingham.
I also went out to Sri Lanka in June with my daughter to do charity work.
Sue: I saw on social media that the Rosie May Foundation had opened an office in Bingham and were looking for volunteers to help with some office duties and after looking at the charity decided it was something I would like to get involved with.

3. What does your role as a volunteer entail? Give an example of something you have helped us with.
Christine :I have had the pleasure of interviewing and mentoring university interns at the charity on a weekly basis and helped to produce pre and post questionnaires to assess their experience.
Sue: I have helped with various office duties including folding and stapling programmes for Strictly Rosie May, asking for support from local shops and proof reading.

4. What do you enjoy about volunteering for the Rosie May Foundation?
Christine: I love the interaction of the young students. Their enthusiasm, drive and contribution is inspiring. Their youthfulness and personalities are infectious. It’s a real pleasure to meet them.
Sue: I enjoy learning new office skills while helping a worthwhile cause.

5. What task do you consider has contributed the most impact as a volunteer?
Christine :I hope that by being at the charity as a neutral person I have given all the interns the opportunity to communicate any concerns they have without feeling prejudice.

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